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Caribbean youth leaders needed

Youth leadership and engagement in the HIV response are essential. That's why UNAIDS launched CrowdOutAIDS--a unique, open and democratic online policy process--in 2011. This approach has enabled thousands of young people around the world to take part in shaping UNAIDS’ youth agenda. Now, a Youth Advisory Forum is being formed to facilitate more effective collaboration with a new generation of leaders in the AIDS response. UNAIDS is currently seeking applications of interest for membership on this forum, including ones from Caribbean representatives.

The UNAIDS Youth Advisory Forum is a mechanism for open dialogue and exchange between UNAIDS and the diverse youth constituency with the mandate to:

  • Provide strategic advice to the UNAIDS Secretariat on policies and programmes related to young people and HIV.
  • Update the UNAIDS Secretariat on emerging developments within the youth and HIV movements at local, regional and international levels.
  • On a yearly basis, provide a short summary analysis including key recommendations and follow up actions to strengthen the UNAIDS Secretariat ability to work with and for young people in reference to advocacy and leadership within the global AIDS response, to be presented to and discussed with senior leadership within the UNAIDS Secretariat.
  • Advise the UNAIDS Secretariat on effective strategies and tools to promote meaningful youth participation and leadership in the AIDS response at country, regional and global level for maximum impact.
  • Foster partnerships between the UNAIDS Secretariat and key youth constituencies and movements, with an emphasis on connecting HIV to the broader health and development agendas.
  • Shape and co-lead advocacy efforts together with the UNAIDS Secretariat to mobilize and inspire youth leadership in the AIDS response at country, regional and global level.

Learn more about the requirements and responsibilities for membership then download the Expression of Interest Form.