Regional Stigma and Discrimination Unit (RSDU)

The DFID funded project ‘Reducing Stigma and Discrimination in Response to HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean’ under the operational management of the Regional Stigma and Discrimination Unit (RSDU) and Associates for International Development (AIDInc), has xvcxvselected six countries for pilot activities and they have all undergone rapid assessments and potential national S&D sub-units have been identified to partner with the RSDU in coordinating the implementation of national anti-stigma projects. Capacity assessments have been undertaken with the potential sub-units situated in these countries.


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For the purpose of executing the pilot projects in the pilot countries, the RSDU piloted proposed working arrangements with the selected sub-units in these countries. The capacity assessments were undertaken in order to determine the comparative advantage and institutional capacity of indentified NGOs to operate as sub units throughout the duration of the RSDU project period. The assessments indentified capacity building needs of the selected organizations.

 Emerging from the RSDU work in the pilot countries is the documented experience of working with the sub units initiating country activities, meetings and events. Recommendations have emerged with regards to building upon the lessons learned and levels of efficiency attained. Essentially, these “sub-units” will support the coordination and implementation of the anti- stigma and discrimination programmes in their countries throughout the implementation phase.

 Ad hoc sub-unit strengthening has been underway since the start of the 3rd quarter of the project, with a number of technical capacity building activities undertaken in Stigma and discrimination awareness, and behaviour change approaches, Human rights messaging, empowerment, advocacy and public speaking.

RSDU Identifies Indicators of S&D Best Practices

Building Capacity in the S&D Response

RSDU Noval Aproach to Capacity Building

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