Private sector collaboration/initiative

In most Caribbean countries health care services are provided by a mix of public, semi-public, and private providers. Most countries have no or limited regulatory or other measures to ensure compliance of the private sector with service delivery standards and reporting requirements. In addition to private service provider (physicians, clinics, laboratories), partnerships need to be strengthened with NGOs and civil society organizations, that in many countries provide a host of non-clinical health services needed for a comprehensive approach.  

Director of PANCAP, Mrs. Juliette Bynoe –Sutherland early in her tenure identified the significant role of public /private collaboration in the maintenance of the current HIV response.  “We have nonetheless entered an arena where our HIV programmes will have to be sustained by national efforts. Public/private/non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and countries will have to devise appropriate fiscal responses to meet the cost of prevention, treatment, care and support initiatives”.

It was within that context that PANCAP as part of its efforts to build public - private partnerships between the insurance and health sector across the region, held a Forum in August 2011 in collaboration with the Insurance Association of the Caribbean.   The main objective of the forum was to enhance access to treatment by people living with HIV (PLHIV) and to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.

To be successful Public/private collaboration must have certain characteristics.  They must contribute to what UNAIDS calls the 6 Building Blocks:
1.    Effective, accessible service delivery
2.    A responsive, competent and satisfied work force
3.    An efficient and functional Health Information System
4.    Equitable access to medical products and available technology
5.    Sustainable health financing
6.    Good governance and competent leadership

It is also important that early dialogue between partners is initiated and maintained; that a clear reporting system is established as well as polices which facilitate and support a sustainable and effective partnership.

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