Support to NGO prevention initiatives

The meaningful involvement of all relevant stakeholders, NGOs and other Civil Society organizations are vital to the achievement of HIV prevention goals and targets.  Many of these organizations provide key services to most at risk populations which are not available through the national programmes.  PANCAP supports the efforts of credible NGO initiatives through the provision of technical support and resources available through its donor partners and regional support agencies such as USAID, the Global Fund, and PAHO.  
Currently, USAID/Barbados-Eastern Caribbean’s (USAID/B-EC) program supports the strengthening of managerial, technical, and administrative capacities of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) involved in HIV/AIDS prevention activities and is a technical partner with national governments in strengthening the financial capacity of health systems and in private sector engagement. USAID/B-EC works with local partners to provide prevention, health care services and support to sex workers and their clients, men who have sex with men, migrant workers, serodiscordant couples, and PLWHA. Small grants and technical support provided to NGOs and community- and faith-based organizations improve the quality of program delivery while enhancing linkages with national AIDS programs, thus enabling greater achievement of results and the sustainability of efforts.
In addition, the CARICOM Global Fund Round 9 Grant is supporting HIV prevention efforts mainly through by NGOs in 9 countries in the region specifically targeting most at risk populations.   This includes work being done with sex workers in the Dominican Republic,  men who have sex with men in Jamaica, BCC for youth in the Easter Caribbean as well as prevention programmes for prisoners and drug abusers
In many cases however the linkages and referral systems between national and NGOs are not well-defined and limited in scope. This affects HIV outcomes by limiting the efficiency and the availability of a comprehensive set of clinical and psycho-social services particularly for populations not being served by national programmes.
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 View the full USAID HIV/AIDS Health Profile for the Caribbean Region - January 2011 [PDF, 205KB]
CARICOM/PANCAP Global Fund Round 9 Grant